It all starts with your “Once upon a time…”

Today, our society has great expectations in the interactive and immersive entertainment, and is taking a definite step towards the virtual era. However, the “Cloudless” project started when I, the founder/story teller hoped to weave a message in my story towards children including my own, to “never stop imagining.” For children, their imagination is as real as it could be, and also a safe playground for them to challenge many things and grow. The capability of creating this unlimited universe of all sorts gives an impact to innovation, and to the future.

The very first step of this project has slowly, but surely became known as words went by; it is quite fortunate enough to be welcomed with open arms until today. Team Cloudless is yet a small grain of sand, but through many encountering, I have realized that “imagination” is not limited to the younger generations, but rather it has no border.

Entertainment is part of all our lives, though the medium of it may vary. It gives us hope, and it ignites our dreams.

Being a passionate audience for entertainments ourselves, we have established a team to actualize the framework of an Interactive Pop-Up Theme Park; or as we call the “ultimate pretend-playground” for all ages, named after the never ending, imaginative world of “Cloudless”.

As a pre-launching event, I would like to invite you to become a part of newly written Chapter 0 of the Cloudless Storyline, The Hreinalog House.

On March 29th, a tavern from the village of Absum will be faithfully constructed on the rooftop of Tokyu Plaza Ginza, Japan. I would like to first introduce you to the story telling aspect of “Cloudless”, in which I believe will become a crucial part when taking a first step towards the concept of the interactive parks.

This event will be an exciting mixture of the TRPG (Table-top Role Playing Game), and an immersive theatre style interactions. The story will unfold both on the table top, and in the surrounding environment.

There are two ways to enjoy the Hreinalog House on the day; to become a player in the tavern, or, as a spectator in a private viewing space in Hyatt Centric Hotel, Ginza.

I truly look forward to welcoming you to our event.

Sara Shoemaker
Founder/Story Teller